As a writer it’s often hard to “find the time”to write.  I think we often feel as though we need a two hour time frame to sit down and really write, otherwise it’s a waste of time.  I know I have felt this way many times.  I feel the need to write EVERYTHING down at once.  After all, what happens if I lose track of my thoughts?  Will my writing be fragmented?

But, I love to write and want to do it with greater frequency.

I’m starting a new goal for myself.

I realize that if I didn’t worry so much about how MUCH I write, I could probably get more writing done.  If I simply made a goal that was small, I could consistently achieve that goal, which would likely inspire me even more!  Even more, what if I cut out the idea of time all together.  What would happen if I just decided to give myself an easy goal that was EXTRA achievable?  Would I suddenly be able to write more?

Well, That’s what I tried.  For the past two days I decided to write ONE sentence a day.  That’s right.  A single sentence.

And just what happened was nothing short of a miracle (in my own head, at least).


On the first day, I sat down at work with a story I have been working on.  I had an idea for this story about a year ago. I wrote about two pages of text for it along with some ideas for a few chapters.  I shared this with my writing group months ago, and even though everyone enjoyed it, I was having a hard time finding the “time”to devote to it.

As a full time college student with multiple jobs, I really don’t have a whole lot of time.

Then summer happened and I thought, “This is my big chance to get some pages out on this story.” But, that never really happened either.  I found myself running from place to place each day, trying to get in all the things that the school year had missed out on: extra work to make some money for two trips (We’re going to Peru in August, and in December I’m going to New York to see HAMILTON!), extra time with friends and family who I haven’t gotten to see during the year, and even binging on a few television shows and books that I haven’t had time to binge on.  I was definitely embracing the idea of summer that students always talk about!

So, I sat down with my story in my hand and I looked at it.  I took a little time to read the things that I wrote months ago, just to refresh my mind with it.

And then I wrote a single sentence.

I made my goal.  And you know what, the words flowed.  It felt so good to accomplish that one single goal.  #DayOne was complete, but I kept writing.  I wrote four entire pages of text.  And it felt good when I put it away.  I didn’t feel like I accomplished nothing; I felt like I accomplished something tremendous!  I wrote probably a thousand words more than I set out to.


Day two came (today) and I decided to treat it the same as the day before.  I opened the file and read a little over the things that I had written yesterday.  Then I wrote a single sentence.  Again, the words started moving, and I wrote about a page of text.  The same feeling of accomplishment drove through me, and I felt like anything could happen.  It’s amazing, to me, how freeing it is to stop thinking about my writing in terms of time, and to just think about it in terms of a single goal.

Of course, this may not work for every person, but if I can give a little advice it would be this: look inside yourself to find the things that work for you!  Here’s a great post about helping create “habits” which might be helpful.  Just remember to find that piece of yourself and bring it out!

Look inside yourself to find the things that work for you!

If you are looking for something a little different, there is a great post here about writing more content loaded material.  It has some GREAT tips, like writing down word counts on a calendar to keep track of.

So, get out there and make some goals to achieve!


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