Guess what?!? No politician is the ONLY problem.

I hate it when people talk about a politician as though they are the “problem” with our current situation.  Do people really not realize that one person cannot make that much change, and that it is years and years of misuse of funds that contributes to the situation that we are faced with today?

I love my friends, I really do, but I have many friends that are always posting negative remarks about our current president without even acknowledging that there have been years of problems that our current president inherited.  As though somehow the current president inflated the economy just by the color of his skin!

Now, I am not saying that President Obama is the best and the brightest our nation has ever had, nor will I say that he has done everything that I would like to see a president do.  However, when it comes to some things that are very close to my heart (reproductive rights, marriage equality, and rape culture) I have been very happy with the stand this president has taken.  And that is what I look for in a candidate…how do they feel about issues that are close to my heart.

However, I would really like to talk about the economy.  When it comes to questioning the way our economy looks, I just would like to say…THAT SHIT HAS BEEN FUCKED UP FOR YEARS!  There is no way that a single president can fix the issues that face our economy.  In fact, I doubt that a president really has the power for that kind of change.  No, our economy is fucked up because we allow politicians to terrify us with scare tactics which allow them to make even more money themselves when they pass laws that are put forward to them from lobbyists.  Corporate lobbyists are only here for one thing, making more money for that top percentage of corporate owners in our country.

According to a 2014 report by Forbes magazine, “CEOs earn 331 times as much as average workers, and 774 times as much as minimum wage workers” (Link here).  There is seriously a problem with this!  This is more than just the idea that you can become successful in America, this is the top 1% shoving it in the American workers ass.

And then we allow them to scare us with the idea that raising the minimum wage would create a huge problem for our country…no allowing someone to earn 700 times more than the people who work for them is creating problems for our country.

So guess what everyone…EVERY POLITICIAN IS OUT TO MAKE MONEY FOR THEMSELVES.  Yes, I have hopes that some of them will also stick up for the common person’s rights as a human being in this country, but the likelihood is that they will fuck us all over for a taste of the money that walks out of government halls.

What hope do we have?  Well, personally I feel that the only hope we have is to somehow pass legislation that does not allow these atrocities to happen.  I am certainly not saying that I have the answers, because I do not think any politician will ever allow that to happen…but at least we should all be aware of one important thing…

The left wing…and the right wing…they both are part of the same fucking bird!

Tweet this Quote: “The left wing and the right wing…they both come from the same fucking bird.”


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