The Need to Write!!

For those that know me, you are probably aware that this is my third blog.  First I wanted to write about cupcakes.  Which was awesome, until I wasn’t in the mood to bake because the weather started getting warmer.  My next attempt was to write about Feminism.  A great and worthy topic, except that all of my papers in school have to do with that very subject, and I wanted to write something fun that didn’t sound academic.

So now we come to Musing with Melly.  I decided to try writing about my hobbies and interests.  All of my interests!  In this way I can write about cupcakes if I get in the mood.  I can write about assholes on my Facebook that anger me when they post racist, classist, and sexist things.  I can write about tattoos, photography, role playing games, books, video games…you name it. My nerdy world is now open for everyone!

I hope you enjoy it.


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